Labradorite Healing Necklace [Imagination]

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Labradorite Healing Necklace [Imagination]
  • Labradorite Healing Necklace [Imagination]
  • Labradorite Healing Necklace [Imagination]
  • Labradorite Healing Necklace [Imagination]
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Perfect for every day, layering or wearing alone, this dainty 16" or 18" raw brass necklace features a single raw Labradorite electroformed charm with all the good juju healing vibes. Charm varies in size from approx. 11mm-13mm. Charms vary in size from Approx. 11mm-13mm. Necklace comes packaged on a display card with stone's healing properties.

LABRADORITE: stone of intuition & inner gifts |  banishes fears & insecurities | energizes imagination & brings new ideas | brings messages from the subconscious | enhances sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius & pisces signs

Simple, delicate and stylish; this is a piece all ladies, gals, women and girls alike can appreciate. Perfect gift idea for any occasion from birthdays, Mother's Day, graduation to bridal showers and more.

**Stones will vary in size, shape and hue and iridescence**

***Please take a moment to measure yourself for necklace length. Lengths will vary from person to person, graphic is for general purposes only***

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Each piece of jewelry is handmade with the utmost care from my studio in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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